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territory to Sadafivaraya, returned (to their respective
kingdoms,. As Hamarajayya who had been managing the
affairs of tie Bay a died, his brother TiruniaL'rajayya
succeeded him.
Tirumalaraja, the son oi? Ellamaraja and Tirumalaniba of
the llatli family was serving the king at the court. Three
villages were granted to him for his maintenance in the
J    °                                                        Kaifiyat of CiMivIti : L,R. 22, pp. 184-5
The five Mussahnnn Padushahs of Deccan, having united
together put to death Krsnaraya's son-in-law, Ramaraja, with
his army in a battle on the bank of the Krsna and occupied
the kingdom. With their consent, SadaSivadeva Maharaya
ruled over the kingdom for some time. Tirumalaraja became
the Yuvaraja under him.
Katyyat 0fSid4h(wata»i', L.R, 9, p 279.
After the death of Ramaraja the Great, who had been
Yuvaraja during Sadasivaraya's re.ign, at the hands of the
Muhammadans in S,S. (148t>) Raktaksi, the kingdom came once
again under the control of Sada^ivaraya, While the £ son-in-
law ' Tirumalaraja. a younger brother of Ramarajn the Great,
was carrying on the administration, he confiscated *he village
of Neravada.
Kaijlyat of Neravada: L.R. 55, p. 37.
The reign of Acyutadeva Maharaya lasted until S.S. 1464
Subliakrt. Then Vlra §n Sada^ivadeva Maharaya being seat-
ed on the Jewelled-throne at Vijayanagara, ruled the kingdom
of the world from S.S. 1465 £obhakrt with Aliya Ramaraja as
hi^ karyakaria. The Muhammadans who invaded (the
country i put Aliya Ramaraja with bis army to death at
BSk§a»i-Tafcgadi in the pargana of Honugonda, near the